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    Supervisor Training/Consultation

    Are you a clinical supervisor looking for additional support for your role?

    Do you have a challenging situation with a supervisee?

    Are you wondering how to start or grow your supervision practice?

    I have been a dual licensed clinical supervisor since 2011 and many years in management prior to becoming a clinician. Balancing your own caseload, growing a business, working on new projects, managing a home life and finding time for self care and rejuvenation is hard!

    If that wasn’t enough, as a supervisor, we take on the responsibility of our supervisee’s development, each and every one of their cases, guidance towards effectiveness/success and potential errors. It can be stressful at times, but also rewarding to serve as a mentor.

    Often, we become isolated with our hectic schedules and a relatively small community of supervisor peers that we forget to reach out for consultation. No matter how long we’ve been doing this, we will eventually hit a wall with any given situation. There’s no shame in needing a little boost now and then.

    Common concerns supervisors face…

    • Exploring Your Supervisor Identity/Role
    • Processing Dynamics Between Supervisor & Supervisee
    • Setting Expectations
    • Providing Feedback to Clinicians
    • Ethics
    • Boundaries
    • Paperwork
    • Burnout/Self Care
    • Professional Development
    • Growing Supervision Practice
    • Handling Board Complaints Against Supervisees
    • Up To Date Board Rules

    Sessions are available worldwide and are conducted virtually. If you think you could benefit from additional support, whether it is just a one time case consult or ongoing coaching, I’d love to hear from you! Click the link below and let me know how I can help.

    $150/hr for individual consultation