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    Are you and your partner at odds with expectations of the children?

    Are you at a loss in how to address some behavior challenges or emotional issues your child is experiencing?

    Do you ever wonder if you were cut out for parenting?

    Have you and your partner decided to separate or divorce but want to continue to parent as a team?

    Do you have a blended family and are trying to create a new culture, but are struggling?

    I’ve always said parenting is not for the faint of heart. I have personally experienced all the above and know many of the challenges parents face. Every child is different and has their own set of strengths and challenges which makes parenting even more tricky with multiple children. When I struggled, I turned to mentors, books, trainings and all the things looking for something that would be effective. I even became a facilitator for Positive Discipline and led workshops for parents. I learned that I wasn’t alone in feeling frustrated, helpless and ashamed of feeling these things. You are not alone either. I would love to help you using my own personal experiences, education and trainings as well as my years experience with working with hundreds of parents.

    Some topics may include:

    • Communication Issues
    • Frequent Arguing/ High Conflict
    • Expectation Discrepancies
    • Disciplining Behavior Issues
    • Supporting Emotional Issues
    • Identifying Neurodiverse Issues
    • Smoother Transitions
    • Identifying Values to Instill in Kids
    • Parent Alienation
    • Supporting Kid’s Love for Each Parent
    • Self Care for Parents
    • Asking for Help/Support
    • Identifying and Eliminating History of Family Dysfunction
    • Creating New Family/Parent-Child Relationship Culture

    If you think you could use a little support for a difficult time with parenting, please fill out the Request an Appointment form and let’s get you some relief so you can enjoy parenthood again!