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    Meet Tammy Fisher

    Hello and welcome!

    I have specialized in relationships and intimacy for over 15 years and hope I can be of help to you!

    I help all relationship configurations (monogamous and non-monogamous) who are disconnected, frustrated or bored learn ways to rebuild interest, joy and passion so they can have a more fulfilling relationship and satisfying sexual connection.

    My clients would tell you my warmth, directness and humor helps them feel safe to break through gridlocks to develop a deeper understanding of self and partner that naturally inspires loving interactions.


    The Mission

    The Pleasure Principles is committed to providing highly specialized relationship and sex therapy to individuals and ALL relationship styles. Therapy is customized to your unique experiences, identity, orientation and beliefs – free of judgement with a sex positive perspective to promote optimal sexual health and life satisfaction.

    The Vision

    The Pleasure Principles accepts The Mission to create a safe, accepting environment where all walks of life can explore their expressions of sexuality, live authentically and improve their relationship satisfaction by staying on the cutting edge of research and social advocacy.

    The Pleasure Principles opposes all abuses of sexuality including harassment, intimidation, coercion, prejudice, exploitation, trauma and shame. It promotes the healing of these abuses and internalized constraints that interfere with overall well being and functioning of individuals.

    The Pleasure Principles advocates for healthy self concepts, relationships as well as sexual health, equality and freedom for all. Balancing personal responsibility to self/others and sexual rights is crucial for creating a safer society where people of all colors, races, genders, orientations, sizes and abilities are liberated to pursue sexual satisfaction.

    Tammy's Credentials


    St. Edward’s University: Bachelor of Art in Psychology
    Texas State University: Master of Art in Counseling


    Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor
    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist – Supervisor


    AASECT Sex Therapist

    SHA Sex Therapist
    Dialectical Behavior Therapy
    Personality Disorders
    Anger Resolution
    Positive Discipline Educator

    7 Principles for Making Marriage Work
    TeleMental Health


    Consensual Non-Monogamy Informed
    Kink Informed
    Gottman Method – Levels I & II
    Developmental Model for Couples
    Relational Life Therapy
    Imago Relationship Theory
    Emotional Focused Therapy


    Sexual Health Alliance
    American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors & Therapists
    American Association for Marriage & Family Therapists
    Texas Association for Marriage & Family Therapists
    Austin Association for Marriage & Family Therapists