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    Are you and your partner considering separation or divorce?

    Are you wanting to make sure you’ve tried everything before doing so?

    Are you wondering where do we begin? What do we tell our kids? What do we tell our family and friends?

    Are you hoping to move through the process as amicably as possible, but don’t know how?

    The decision to separate or divorce is not something most couples do lightly. It often is something they have been struggling with for years. It is a painful process to come to this conclusion and many feel anxious about the changes in the relationship dynamic and how to handle future events.

    Some issues that bring separating couples to therapy are:

    • Communication Issues
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Processing Anger, Stress, Sadness
    • Logistics
    • Redefining Relationship
    • Creating New Lives/Future
    • Grieving Ending of Relationship
    • Co-Parenting
    • Effects of Divorce on Kids
    • Dating/New Partners

    I would love to work with you as you evolve your relationship into something new to make it as smooth of a transition as possible. Please fill out the Request an Appointment form today and let’s start navigating this new path together.