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    Are you struggling in the dating world?

    Are you feeling hopeless in finding a satisfying connection?

    Have you lost a sense of who you are and want you want?

    Do you find it challenging to write an authentic profile for dating apps?

    Are you fearful of repeating the same mistakes in choosing a romantic partner?

    Are you still reeling from dating mishaps and hesitant to try again?

    Do you feel your dating life could benefit from a little relationship coaching?

    Dating can be tricky and you may have LOTS of questions from how do I get started to how do I get off the dating roller coaster? I get it! I have been down that road too and would love to help you navigate all the pitfalls, challenges, self doubts and find the joy in dating again.

    Some topics for dating coaching:

    • Dating Platforms/Apps
    • Writing an Authentic Profile
    • Identifying Red Flags
    • Identifying Own Barriers/Sabotage
    • Sex/Intimacy Issues
    • Exploring Types of Relationships
    • Self Worth/Confidence Issues
    • Getting Clear About Your Relationship Vision
    • Creating Blueprint for Ideal Mate
    • Dating While Parenting

    If you feel your dating life could use a little tweaking or a complete overhaul, please fill out the Request an Appointment form so we can get you back to your authentic, bad-ass self and have a more successful dating life.