• Slap Day

    Did you know February 15th marks the first day of Anti-Valentine’s Week?

    It’s true! I just learned about it as I was researching ideas to post for social media today.

    Apparently, the week reflects the opposites of the sweet, romantic days preceding Valentine’s Day. Who knew that starting February 7th there is Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day and Kiss Day?? Well, I didn’t! I think I’ve been jipped all these years.

    Anyway, back to Anti-Valentine’s Week. It was created for singles or for those who are missing their ex-partner and having a difficult time letting go. We’ve all been there as well, right? Sure, Ms. Pleasure Principal, tell me more…

    The first day of Anti-Valentine’s Week is Slap Day.

    Say, what?? Slap day?

    You heard right – it is for all the people who want to slap their exes for hurting them. WANT TO, people, not actually DO. Fantasy is one thing and reality is another. This is not a permission slip to assault anyone…well, not exactly…

    You are probably wondering why a pleasure promoting therapist would be posting something such as this. And that would be a great question that deserves an interesting answer!

    This particular pleasure promoting therapist also comes with a few kinks…so to speak. Whether it is the side effect of working with relationships and sexuality, or just simply being me, Slap Day made images of impact play jump into my mind. The good kind of course!

    Impact play??

    Absolutely! Impact play is a sexual practice in which one person is struck (with hand or toy) by another person for the gratification of either or both parties.

    Sound scary?

    It doesn’t have to be extreme – it can be light and tingly to more powerful and stingy, but above all it is CONSENSUAL. You get to decide the intensity of the play and when to stop.

    Why do people do this?

    Many people find it erotic – mixing pain with pleasure. It can stimulate erogenous zones as well as trigger feel-good chemicals in the body such as endorphins and dopamine. Some have more intense orgasms.

    Intrigued but don’t know where to start with Impact Play?

    Start with a partner you explicitly trust. Talk about what kinds of impact you would like to experiment with. Start with an open hand and gentle, but firm love taps gradually increasing the intensity of the impact using safe phrases like “green light,” “yellow light” and “red light.” Check in with your partner – ask how what they are experiencing. Decide how to end the session – hugging, cuddling, massaging, affirmations, having sex, etc.

    As you become more comfortable, you can add toys for a different sensation…

    What kind of toys?

    Ah…this is my favorite part…Floggers, paddles, and riding crops, oh my!!

    Titillated yet?

    If you haven’t tried it, maybe it’s time…after all it is Slap Day.